Can't claim 5000 FLT token with GitHub keys


I’m eligible for a reward of 5000 FLT for my open source contributions, but am not able to claim them.
I’m following the inctructions at:

But I use GPG for my SSH keys and have no way of deriving my age secret key from it. I found Accept GPG-based ssh keys · Issue #48 · fluencelabs/dev-rewards · GitHub where you recommend the openpgp2ssh but that tool only works for RSA and I (and others) use the newer ed25519 algorithm

Could you provide an alternative way of verification or instructions on how to proceed?
I have not found a way of claiming the reward yet, even though I have the secret key (but in the wrong fromat)


I’m in the same situation. Have you tried GitHub - pinpox/pgp2ssh: Convert PGP/GPG private keys to SSH private keys?

I am the author of the tool :laughing:

My problem is solved