Unable to claim 5000 FLT token,please help

I am getting this error

Enter path to the private SSH key to use or just press Enter to show existing keys: /home/jayjeet/.ssh/id_rsa
Will use SSH key to generate proof data. Press enter to proceed.

Couldn’t decrypt with that SSH key, please choose another one.
Possible causes are:
You have specified the file which doesn’t contain valid private key.
Your private key doesn’t match your public key in GitHub. It could happen if you’ve changed local ssh key recently.
Internal ape error:
age: error: no identity matched any of the recipients
age: report unexpected or unhelpful errors at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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it has to be the key that matches your public key. see Fluence Developer Rewards - Frequently Asked Questions

see OSError: b'age: error: no identity matched any of the recipients · Issue #85 · fluencelabs/dev-rewards · GitHub

I’ve recently upgraded my laptop to a new device, and consequently, I’m encountering difficulty generating the Merkle proof from the local SSH key stored on this new device. I’m seeking advice on potential solutions for this issue.

Additionally, I’m interested in exploring alternative methods for claiming FLT tokens. Given the possibility of changes to the local SSH key due to factors such as device upgrades, job transitions, or oversight in backing up the private key, I’m keen to know if there are alternative verification processes in development.