Fluence CTO Updates | March 18th

Hello dear developers,

These past couple of weeks our main focus is preparing Fluence Network for launch. Big time. We are running Fluence’s DAR testnet together with out launch partners to make sure everything works well, making last tuning to various components:

  • Fluence’s IPC blockchain,
  • Compute Marketplace smart contracts,
  • Capacity Commitments Prover that ensures availability of Compute Units on Fluence peers,
  • Fluence CLI, especially the Provider flow,
  • Managed Effects – security of effects for Nox
  • Nox’s resources isolation for Workers
  • Effectors: Wasm modules for Developers to access managed effects, namely IPFS and curl
  • Aqua patterns to simplify development of Cloudless functions

Effectors are now being collected here: GitHub - fluencelabs/effectors – better documentation will appear in the following weeks.

Aqua framework is being developed there: GitHub - fluencelabs/aquaduct: The Aqua Duct Tape for Cloudless Functions 🌊🦆🩹 – not yet packaged for reuse, but you can learn some patterns from the PR.

To play with effectors and aquaduct, you may use stable Fluence CLI (install Fluence CLI, then do fluence update stable) with fluence local up. Deployment on DAR should also work. Please reach out to us on Discord or Telegram if you have any issues.

We will switch focus towards improving developer experience once Fluence Network is up and running.