Fluence CTO Updates | March 28th

Hello Fluencers,

Over the past few weeks, we have been focusing on the launch of the Fluence Mainnet, codenamed Kras. This milestone was successfully reached on March 20. Congratulations to the entire Fluence community!

From a technical standpoint, the Fluence Mainnet includes:

  • Ethereum smart contracts (deployed a few weeks prior)
  • Filecoin smart contracts
  • The Axelar bridge between Ethereum and Filecoin
  • The Fluence IPC Blockchain, anchored to Filecoin
  • The Compute Marketplace and Capacity Commitments smart contracts on the Fluence blockchain
  • A block explorer and network explorer
  • Noxes, which are Fluence offchain peers
  • Compute Capacity Proovers, which are companions to every Nox to prove available compute capacity
  • The Fluence CLI and other tools
  • And numerous other small components

I want to thank the entire Fluence team for their hard work in bringing all these moving parts together. It was an incredible effort with a fantastic result.

Now that the network is live, we are being cautious about adding compute capacity to it. Currently, only a limited number of compute providers and peers are available.

In the coming weeks, our main focus will be ensuring everything operates smoothly, fixing any bugs that may arise, and gradually increasing the network’s compute capacity.

You can find resources for the Fluence Kras mainnet at https://kras.fluence.dev.

The public Fluence testnet, codenamed Dar, is available at https://dar.fluence.dev.

The successful launch of the Fluence mainnet would not have been possible without our launch partners, the first Fluence compute providers.

Later today at 3PM UTC, we are hosting a Twitter Space to meet the hidden heroes of the DePIN, Fluence compute providers. Join us if you’re interested!


great, is the above account of the CTO?

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That’s Profile - eponomarev - Fluence DAO

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