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From the inception of Fluence Labs, our goal was to empower our community to govern and control the Fluence protocol in a genuinely decentralized way. In February 2024, we made an important step towards that goal with the official incorporation of the Fluence DAO in Switzerland. Our goal is to have on-chain voting by our commuity drive all major decisions from the very beginning.

How does it work?

The DAO will use the Governor model for on-chain voting, similar to what is used by Compound, Uniswap, and ENS. Any token holder will be able to create proposals, delegate and vote for proposals. One percent of stake is required to put a proposal to a vote and approving a proposal requires a majority of votes cast, with a minimum of 4% of the token supply.

The Fluence Association has three constituencies: the DAO, the Governance Committee, and the members of the association. Any coin holder is a member of the DAO, the DAO elects the members of the Governance Committee via an on-chain vote and also determines the criteria to become members of the association. A change to the Association’s articles requires the approval of all three groups.

Are you a Fluence token holder? Here are some things you can do to get started:

:round_pushpin: Check out the Fluence homepage, with more information about the project.

Join our Discord channel and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with latest news and developments of the project.

:open_book: Get to know the community by browsing discussions that are already happening here. When you find a post interesting, informative, or entertaining, use the :heart: to show your appreciation or support!

:handshake: Contribute by commenting, sharing your own perspective, asking questions, or offering feedback in the discussion. Before replying or starting new topics, please review the Community Guidelines.

If you need help or have a suggestion, feel free to ask in Site Feedback or contact the admins.


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Let’s build Fluence together!

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This initiative by Fluence Labs to establish a DAO in Switzerland and enable community participation in important decisions through on-chain voting is a significant step towards decentralization and empowering users on the Web.

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