Voting in the DAO

The Fluence DAO is powered by FLT tokens, owners of which may create proposals, delegate voting power and vote. Additionally, FLT-LV (locked, voting) tokens were granted to Fluence Labs team, past contractors, founders, and advisors. These tokens are locked and can be used only for the DAO.

For tracking proposals and voting Fluence DAO uses Tally, where voting process via FLT is straighforward, but tricky with FLT-LV. Here are instructions how to vote using FLT-LV.

FLT Voting

Open Fluence DAO at Tally, connect the wallet, see your voting power, delegate it or vote / submit proposals.

FLT-LV Voting

Tally doesn’t properly display voting power in FLT-LV before the voting, but displays it after. Owners of FLT-LV may vote from their address directly or delegate voting power to anyone they trust to vote on their behalf.

To Vote

  1. Open Fluence DAO at Tally
  2. Connect your wallet (make sure that’s the wallet with FLT-LV)
  3. Go to My Voting Power and Received Delegations – it will be empty if you received delegation in FLT-LV, and it will show votes if you received delegation in FLT.

  1. Open a proposal, click vote, send tx
  2. You will see your vote in UI after it is indexed by Tally (few minutes)

To Delegate

  1. Open FLT-LV contract on Etherscan
  2. Click “Contract” → “Write to Contract”
  3. Connect your wallet
  4. Enter an address that you are going to use for voting (can be the same address) and click “Write”. Send tx.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 6.26.34 PM

  1. Your voted are delegated

To Create Proposal

  1. Go to Tally
  2. Click “Create Proposals”, connect wallet that has 10m voting power delegated to it, write proposal, specify all details, click “Save as Draft”
  3. On Draft page click “Publish”
  4. Proposal published!
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