Fluence deserves to be on AI map of aggregators like Coinmarketcap,Coingecko & so on

Hey everyone, I wanted to discuss a significant issue with you. Maybe the admins or the team can help.

In Fluence’s video presentation, Tom discusses the AI use case for this project. Additionally, at DepinDenver, he emphasizes how AI cannot be trusted without verifiable decentralized compute. Furthermore, the AI use case is prominently highlighted on the website.

Moreover, there’s a section in the documentation indicating plans to provide decentralized GPU rendering for AI training, acknowledging that while the CPU is crucial, GPU rendering is also significant.

The problem lies in the fact that the FLT token is not included in the AI section on platforms like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, or DropsTab. I’m wondering if this issue can be rectified because it negatively impacts the project’s visibility for those interested in AI-related tokens as investments.

It’s worth noting that some projects listed in the AI section lack a strong AI use case. Therefore, given the AI use case highlighted on Fluence’s website and the AI training outlined in the roadmap, this project should rightfully be included in the AI category.


totally agreed, what steps are required from the team to put it in AI category?


First step is to add more tags. (Currently Fluence has only 2 on coinmarketcap for e.g.).
Second step is to talk with the teams of these aggregators and ask to be put on AI map.

P.S. Hope someone from the team see this msg and take action. :wink:


Thank you, amable, for helping me with this.
Any updates on this one? I belive it’s very very important.
And I think this should’v been posted in the ‘proposal’ category.
What do you guys think?

how to make this into a proposal? after discussion?